The Dorchester Breakers….

Back in the day it was common for us kids to sit around and talk about what we would do if we hit the lottery. Some kids wanted the Lamborghini….some wanted Kitt from Knight Rider. My buddy Chris wanted Demi Moore…..he was always ahead of his time…..but given the age of Ashton Kutcher….it might have been plausible.

I have always been a fan of Newport RI. My great grandmother was an O’Brien…and that’s where her American story started. The family doesn’t have much history on her….but I always wondered if she may have worked as a servant in one of the mansions down there. Through time….I fell in love with the Breakers Mansion….tough choice huh?

So we come to my lottery hit…..the plan went like this. I was going level every house on the top of Pope’s Hill. A sorry letter and a like a 1000 dollar check would have made this work for all you folks at the top of Hemey Park. Then I would build an exact replica of the Breakers. Could you imagine the views? I had a plan to build a private tunnel down to G-Wiz and Boston Bowl (not a far cry…I knew about the slave tunnel built on Boutwell St) I would have the Karate Champ game from DiMartino’s installed in my bedroom. And my friend JW would provide security with like 20 ninjas. As I got older the plan got revised to include gangster pool parties on Dot Day with all the cutest chicks in Dot getting invited. Mario’s would cater the event with Looney’s providing the kegs. I was a Dorchester Vanderbilt…..

I’m heading down to Newport to see my pipe dream mansion and to attend the seafood fest….It always reminds me of those good ole days.

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