Like Italian Bakeries?

Let’s face it….we all miss Bombadieri’s….it was Dorchester’s go to Italian bakery for years. Personally I always marveled that the store had flies year round…..even during snow storms. Regardless….they had incredible baked goods.

For those who do not know the place…. Fratelli’s in Quincy is my new go to Italian bakery. They make crusty scala bread that has become a staple in my house. The birthday cakes, cookies, blueberry and lemon poppy breads are off the charts. Everything I have tried from Fratelli’s is incredible. Ohhh….and no flies!!

Check them out…they are over next to the police station.

2 thoughts on “Like Italian Bakeries?”

  • I agree that fratellis is a great bakery, but my go to has always been Bova’s bakery in the North End. Open 24 hours a day 365 days a year, they don’t have locks on the door.The other North End bakery’s like Mike’s and the Modern are good, but they’re tourist traps. Nothing will ever compare to eating a golden brown from the Avenue Bakery on Dot ave. My dad used to bring those home when I was a kid and to this day I can still taste them. My mother would go to Dunkin’s after her night shift around 3a.m. and martha would get the fresh one’s in the back. Oh the good old days.

  • Not an italian bakery, but my favorite Dorchester was the Avenue Bakery which was on the corner of Dot Ave and Sudan St. At the time it had the best Irish bread in Boston and it was baked by a Lithuanian baker. Also, you had to get their fish cakes on Friday and then come back on Saturday to get the Brown Bread and their famous Baked Beans, with or without pork.

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