Hey New York….eat my big apples…

So New York is apparently trash talking about it taking our second place spot for venture capital in the US. This my friends is one of the many reasons why it’s so easy to hate New Yorkers. We have dominated them in all sports for the last decade and longer than that when it comes to hoops. We destroy New Yorkers in sheer brain power thanks to our universities which equates to our second spot on the venture capital rankings for so many years. Yet…they beat us out of one quarter and talk sh*t.  Terry O’Reilly cant stand it!!!

Perhaps it’s because they hired a foot licking loudmouth of a football coach.

Maybe Mark Sanchez is too busy eating hot dogs on the sidelines.

Maybe it was our Stanley Cup win. And we all know the Knicks can’t get out of their own way.

Nobody will ever forget 2004 when the Yankees pulled off the biggest collapse in professional sports history.

Maybe they are embarrassed about letting Madoff set up camp in their city. Or needing a bailout for Lehman bros. Hell they can’t even work with the Wall Street protestors to clean a park.

It makes no sense…their state is larger than ours….yet they have a Napoleon complex.

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