Beat it traitor….

So Scott Brown is co-sponsoring a bill that would strip terrorists of their American citizenship if they are found guilty of conspiring against America. There should be a deterrent in place to make our citizens pause before acting out against the America. Seems like a no brainer to me…I would support it..I hate terrorist cowards….BUT…the problem lies within our supreme court. Will this bill constitutionally feasible?

Our constitution protects a Dot Rat’s right to take up arms against the government, if for instance, we found ourselves under the leadership of a bunch of screwball sociopath killers. I may be a Democrat but I do not discount the sheer brilliance of the second amendment.

How does Brown’s bill pass? It cannot infringe on second amendment rights in any fashion….Will it give our government too much ability to oppress it’s citizens in the eyes of lawmakers? How will this work for legal citizen and decipher that person as terrorist from someone who is practicing their second amendment rights? Could a legit terrorist use the second amendment to get out of charges? Real interesting stuff… I sip my 4th coffee.

The language contained within it will decide it’s fate.


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