Hey Epstein!!

Just want to let you know I appreciate your years here with the Red Sox. If there’s any team I could route for in MLB other than the Sox it would be the Cubs. They deserve a world title…103 years is too long. If there’s anyone who can break a curse it’s you.

Now please make sure you keep the number of spoiled dbags on the Cubs to a minimum. Back up your manager when he needs it. No fried chicken and percocet cocktails should be allowed in the locker room. No more Manny being Manny type a**holes either….last thing you need is another 60 year old traveling secretary getting punched around. I know it’s going to be hard living closer to your mancrush Eddie Vedder….but keep the gigs to a minimum…your not Mike McCready…your a GM.

Oh yeah…Sholom!

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