Give me some 999….

After watching the GOP debate last night @ Dartmouth I have to admit that Herman Cain is the most likeable out of the group. It was obvious that he was being targeted by the other candidates because he’s surging in the polls. Romney was a bit of a wise *ss with the other candidates….and took some good jabs at Rick Perry regarding his state having 1 million uninsured children as opposed to children in the Romneycare system having less than 1%. Michelle Bachman looked possessed as usual. Newt looked like he was hammered. Ron Paul looked like some kids egged his house and his paper didn’t get delivered. Jon Huntsman was well spoken but looked like he spends 4 days doing his hair.

Herman’s 999 plan sounds legit…I like the idea of throwing out the current tax code. Plus Herman is just pimp….you know he has a 73 Cadillac Fleetwood with tiger skin seats and wide whites.



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