This building could be something good….

13 Holbrook Ave…. or the Holbrook Tavern located behind the Neponset Health Center. People have been talking about this eyesore for years. I personally always considered it a decent piece of property. Ugly? Yes… Noisy? Yes…

A perfect place to rehab and turn into a teen center in an area of Dorchester where this hasn’t existed….HELL YES!! You could build a nice path down to the park…fence it all in…and save what is said to be a historic building. Why shouldn’t the kids have a little computer/science/invention lab? Maybe a few counselors to talk with the kids about drugs, parents, school….life in general. Could be a nice spot to house banquets for team sports at Garvey Park. The potential is there…. The Duchaney Teen Center… talk to Maureen Feeney….O’Toole or Baker….SOMEONE!!! Roxbury and Mattapan shouldn’t be the only ones getting this type of investment in their teenagers…..

Check out the Bing map HERE.

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