Jobu, Trees and Insurance…..

Does this make sense?

Lets say you have 2 massive trees next to your house…..they are nice looking but are just plain too close. You’re worried if a storm hits they may come crashing through your roof. We are potentially talking 20 to 30k in damage the insurance companies would have to pay if that day ever came. So your Dot Rat kicks in (common sense) and you assume your insurance company would have a program in place to remove the trees before they become a potential loss for the company. NOPE…..the insurance company only pays for the removal of the trees after they crash through your roof. I guess you’re an idiot to assume that a fortune 500 company would take a proactive approach and spend 700 bucks to protect 30k.

Why wouldn’t you want a program like that? You could slap a commercial on the air and hire Cerrano and Jobu from major league to pitch it.

“Jobu take away your tree….you in good hands…”


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