Fuhget about it….it’s Columbus Day..

For Italians from all over this great country today is always special. They will be celebrating when the Vikings….I mean Columbus discovered America. For me it’s normally a day to relax with a day off of work. But today I’m going to grab my bocce balls and write about the things I like that Italians brought from that boot in the Mediterranean here to the USA.

1# – Food

Italian cooking is hands down the best on the planet and my favorite to cook. What would Dorchester be without CBZ (Chicken Broccoli and Ziti) or Irish joints selling Italian food?

2# – Menino

This man is an endless source of entertainment. Howie Carr would be missing a whole segment of his show without Mumbles. Just don’t look for any of his speeches to be cast in bronze and put in a public park. Thank Woo!!


3# – The North Shore

Yup…everybody forgot to mention Columbus discovered the whole region north of the Charles River on his way back to Spain. Some of the crew decided to settle and went on to invent Santarpios and the IROC-Z. Grazie Chris!!

4# – The Sons of Italy

Italians knew of the Irish so they decided to build these function halls all over the US. The Italian flag looks very Irish after 8 pints and they capitalized. What would a Sons of Italy be without an open bar Irish Wedding on the first floor?

5# Adam Vinatieri

Yeah he’s with the friggin Colts….but Mr Clutch provided New England with 2 rings. And we don’t forget that….Ci manchi Adam !!


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