Don’t wear this halloween costume guide…

Halloween brings out the kid in us all and every year you can count on the usual suspects showing up at your Halloween party of choice. Let’s make a quick list of what not to wear.

#1  Anything Jersey Shore – It’s not original…just stop it.

#2 The Pimps and Ho’s thing. – I understand every man likes to feel like a Hugh Hefner on occasion. There’s lots of women that enjoy wearing something slutty on Halloween to maybe show off the bod that they worked on all year before winter hits. But lets face it…huggy bear and bubbles just isn’t funny or original anymore. No you can’t do the Tiger Woods thing either…

#3  The President – Given the attitude of people these days…this may get you shot at by some right wing extremist named Lee sitting in a tree stand on Dot Ave in full camo.

#4 The Police – Really dude? Just remember there’s always a few guests who don’t drink and would rather smoke a joint at the party. Next thing you know there’s onion dip on the ceiling and mountain dew all over the carpet after you scared the sh*t out of these poor souls into thinking they were busted. Besides being a buzzkill, it’s been done thousands of times. Slutty cop? Alright…maybe….

#5 Charlie Sheen – Nobody is winning here…because everyone is going to show up as Chuck in 2011. And if you try and show up as Charlie with goddesses….see #2.

Either way….enjoy yourself….and be original !!

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