Hank Williams lost his hood….

So I was listening to the guys on 98.5 Boston dissect this whole Hank Williams, Hitler and Obama thing on the radio last night. Hank Williams was doing a stint with Fox News so he could relay THEIR message that any party other than the red one is wrong. He goes on to call all democrats “enemies’ and thinks the Prez and John Boehner playing golf together is like Hitler and the president of Israel doing the same. Just what this country needs right? Hank Williams is known for a big mouth….but in the process he’s lost ESPN contract were he opens up Monday night football with “Are you ready for some football?”.

Hank’s analogy didn’t compare Obama to Hitler, and he is entitled to his opinions. Hank’s probably not smart enough to realize just using the term “Hitler” on any level can be PR suicide. But the boys on the Sports Hub made valid points that show he doesn’t help his own cause. Fox props this guy up as if he represents the sentement of the red south. Fact is he speaks to a bygone age where racism was fashionable in the south. 98.5 used this song as an example.

Here’s my take…Public Enemy sold records based on lyrics wrapped around black miscontent for white people. I think Hank Williams did the same back when he released this song. Does Hank Williams care about his country….of course. Most southerners pride themselves on being very patriotic….when the country calls…they are usually at the front of the line. The south is slowly becoming more progressive as well. Hank’s biggest mistake was calling Dems “enemies”…there’s no way anything will get done with that mindset. ESPN knew what they were getting into when hired him years ago….this should come as no surprise. I like having Hank on Fox…..because I hate Fox.

Maybe Hank just lost touch with the hood….

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