The Bruins,The Turk and Nose Face Killah…

My father told me for years that I had missed out on the best hockey ever played in Boston. Espo, Orr, Sanderson and Bucyk played and won the cup  here before I was born. I got the autographed flying goal picture signed by Bobby Orr one day, even had Derrick Sanderson come to my school to tell me how he used to trip his balls off and get sh*tfaced all the time….which made us all want to do drugs because who’s better than the Turk right?

Well, our Boston Bruins will hang their first Stanley Cup banner since 1972 this Thursday night. Having watched the entire season I couldn’t have pictured a better Stanley Cup series. Here comes the Nucks, absolutely kicking our asses, wasn’t even sure I was watching the same Bruins I watched all year. Then the Nucks get arrogant….fingers get bitten…taunting after the whistles…..hacking the goalie…post game jabs through the media….the Nucks decided to pick a fight with the toughest kid in the schoolyard….and we should probably thank them for that. To say they motivated our boys is an understatement…we came back and DESTROYED them on every level.

The parade was incredible and we now have our own modern-day Turk …. The Nose Face Killah – Brad Marchaud. Now I can look at pops and say I HAVE seen some of the best Bruins hockey ever played.

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