No more Southie movies!

I’m tired of hearing about Southie, the Irish gangster thing is played out. Whitey wasn’t even born there….he was born over by Saint Marks in Dorchester and I don’t even know why Dot would want credit for that. Nothing against our neighbors, many of us Irish/American folks can trace our roots back to Southie and the North End. Mine go back to the height of the famine….my family became US citizens in South Boston and my great grand father became a call man for Engine 1 at age 10. I feel like I have heard every story there is to hear. And whats up with all the “actors” over there? There’s like 4 that are legit actors yet walk into any hangout over there and every former sneaker thief and oxy dealer is reading a script for an “audition”.

So how about some Dorchester movies….Mark Wahlberg is a pretty big player in hollywood now. He did take a trip up to Lowell to do the Fighter…and I think it’s safe to say everyone loves that flic. We all know some girls like Mickey Ward’s sisters….they were hillarious.  I can rattle off 10 DotRats who’s life story could produce an Oscar grade script….Mark Wahlberg being in the top 5.  I guess for now we are reduced to another gay Julie Andrews parody….

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