Lobsters anyone?

I’m all about food, I love to cook and I put love in my cooking…..EATING ROCKS! As Bostonians we are spoiled rotten because we have access to some of the best seafood on the planet….there’s brokers here who send portions of our catch back to Japan. Yup…there’s a guy eating cod caught in Massachusetts bay sitting in front of a TV in Sapporo Japan right now saying “Boy the Red Sox suck huh Yoshi”.

Anyway…you have to check out The Lobster Stop in Quincy down by the shipyard. The Dawson family catches their own lobsters and fish and sell it out of their own shop. Aside from beating all the shops on Wolly beach in the DotRat taste test….their prices beat everyone on the beach as well.  You can actually sit the family down for dinner without having to call a loan shark.

No…I didn’t get paid for that…I just like these guys.

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