I got wood!!

Tommy Mac has been a good friend of mine for I’m guessing 15 years or so. His story has been an inspiration to me and tons of guys around the country. The short version goes like this. He was working as a union carpenter in the Ted Williams tunnel one day swinging a sledge. He tore up his shoulder so bad he needed surgery and the doctor told him he would need to stop work as a carpenter. Instead of feeling sorry for himself he decided to enroll at the North Bennett Street School in the North End for furniture making, which by all accounts is easier on the joints. While working on a project in class one day Bob Villa decided to visit. Bob was so impressed with Tommy’s Salem Secretary he decided to put him on his show. Tommy built on that over the next 10 years through the internet and private sales and landed himself at WGBH in Boston.

I remember back in 2003 I stopped by his shop one day and was just amazed at what he could do. He looked at me and said “Sol….if I can do this…you could too”. When it came time for me to learn and work on my home…I ran with it. So it goes to show you folks….YOUR ONLY AS SMART AS YOU WANT TO BE.

Tom’s second season is coming soon….give him a look!!

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