I’m rich….please tax me.

Ok here is one of the most common sense issues Republicans repeatedly fail on. And the Prez just called their bluff. Why should you pay a reduced tax rate if you’re a millionaire? Shouldn’t you pay just as much of your income as the man making 50k a year? Republicans don’t think so. The middle class should not have any larger of a burden than the people down the street making a lot more money. What really gets me is the amount of middle class people actually voting GOP when they create policies that work against those very people.

Now I’m not anti republican, I believe in the 2nd amendment and a strong defense. Republicans do have great qualities that are instrumental to a balanced democracy.

What I can’t get past is their insistence that they are masters of economics. Two of the biggest market collapses in our history happened while a republican was sitting in the oval office. Yet free trade (greed) and tax cuts for the wealthy are still all they scream about. I understand we are global and have to compete with countries like China. But are we really competing with them when we close a steel plant in Ohio, then ship the equipment and jobs to China? I refuse to accept that we can’t produce quality goods here built with American hands and still kick China’s ass. Our automakers are doing it, and our unions are taking a more progressive stance.

It’s going to be interesting to see how Republicans handle this….I mean how do you spin it? How do you get that poor backwoods family from Kentucky to bite? How are you going to defend coddling the rich? A growing number of whom want to pay their fair share.

Ever hear of the Patriotic Millionaires?

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