Hey Ocho….have a Bruschi !!

So one of our football legends here in Boston Tedy Bruschi decided to tear into Ochocinco. If anyone has the pedigree to rip Ocho aside from #12 or Belichick it’s Tedy. The man has 3 rings and came back to work after suffering a stroke. Teddy is the working class type of ball player New England fans identify with and coaches love.

He’s Chuck Norris, Steven Seagal, Arnold and Sylvestor (pre wrinkly abs / steroid head) all rolled into one.

In other words Ocho….nevermind F%^& around with your fishtank headboard, leave the Tweeting for people who have nothing better to do, stop dating dolled up ghetto rats and get to WORK!!!  DO YOUR JOB!!!  Your on one of the greatest football teams ever assembled.



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