9/11 Reflections

So I started my reflection process this evening….going over how life has changed since that Tuesday morning 10 years ago. Personally things have changed dramatically…but that is the natural ebb & flow of life. So I’m digging deeper to zero in on how that event had impact on me personally. I realized that day how out of the loop I was on current events. I’ve always been a history buff of sorts…and knew 5 minutes into the second plane striking that this had not happened to America since Pearl Harbor. I could tell you about the USS Cole attack…but had no clue who Bin Laden was. That instant…I changed my lax approach to following world events and my government. It truely was a turning point in my life. My last shred of innocence was gone and it was time now to stand taller, become a man and pay attention. Life seemed more fragile, my country became more important to me and so to where people running it. Anthrax was no longer just a metal group. Israel was no longer just the place where the Jews settled post WW2….I learned about the Palestinians. My opinions on religion sharpened….and I realized while traditions need to be respected, the human element begs a more progressive stance in regard to all religions. My career shifted direction to include higher emphasis on security. Because of our ties with middle eastern countries I watched gas prices quadruple. Through this I have been forced to think “greener” and that’s been positive.

I watched generation X step up to the plate and serve the country at a time when we where presumed ill fated….I think our grandparents would have been proud.

We all have been through a ton since that day….some related to the tragedy some not. But the folks at the WTC, Shanksville and the Pentagon did not die in vein. How could I forget 2977 people that shaped the rest of my life? They managed to toughen us up, they showed us how to be brave. They helped us focus on what’s important. For that I will always be grateful to them and their loved ones.

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